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About Us

Peace Fam, Thank you for checking out my site. My name is Tyree, the creator and founder of Skinsntial. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, I decided to take a break from the Big Apple and move halfway across the U.S. to Phoenix, Arizona for a fresh start.

During this transition, I automatically noticed a big change in the dry climate. This change affected my beard and skin. I struggled to find a product that gave me the moisturization that I needed. For this reason, I decided to create my own products made with natural and organic ingredients that gave me the results I was looking for. Throughout my testing phases of personal use and sending products to friends and family; the response was overwhelmingly positive.

Throughout 2020, I sold several products to people all over the U.S, and that's when I realized I could help those who struggle with beard and skin dryness.

In 2021, I learned more about the history of my family, which pushed me to keep developing new products. Unbeknownst to me, my grandmother whom I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting, handcrafted all natural grooming products in Trinidad and Tobago. Learning about this fun fact, has made me confident that I come from a bloodline of ancestors that genuinely care about their skincare.

Now, I am on the journey to find out some of her special recipes, my mother being the master tester for my creations. Come with me, as I navigate through recipes to improve how we treat our skin!

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