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Get Rid of the Dark Spots!

Imagine if you know what is causing dark spots and how you can tackle them. You can achieve flawless brighter skin. And you have landed on the right page. Through this blog, we will be sharing a brief detail on dark spots (also known as Hyperpigmentation) and ways to prevent and treat them.


Do I have hyperpigmentation?

Dark spots in medical terms are known as hyperpigmentation. Now, what is hyperpigmentation?

Your skin has natural skin pigment, melanin which gives color to your body. When your skin cells produce more melanin, it can lead to patches of darker skin than the surrounding area.


This increased melanin production is triggered by many factors, but the number one cause is sun exposure. Melanin acts as your skin’s natural sunscreen, protecting your from harmful sun rays. But when your skin is exposed to sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays for a longer time, it disrupts the process leading to hyperpigmentation.


Hyperpigmentation is not specific to one skin type. It is a common skin condition for melanated skin. Now, these dark spots are of many types. To give you more clarity about your dark spots, let us now see their types.


Types of hyperpigmentation:

Sunspots: When your skin is exposed to the sun for a longer time. They usually appear on sun-exposed areas like the face or hands.

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: When you are wounded or got a cut, your skin heels by forming a new skin layer. This can also result in hyperpigmentation. Dark spots due to acne are one of the examples as well


Although hyperpigmentation or dark spots are harmless, still we try to get rid of them. And here are some simple tips and the product you can use to prevent dark spots.


How to treat hyperpigmentation:

Use sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, especially when you are stepping out. This is Must. You shouldn’t forget!

Avoid exposure to the sun during 10 am to 4 pm as the rays are the strongest and can harm your skin.

Cover yourself, wear hats or clothing that can block sunlight.

To prevent dark spots from an injury, avoid picking at the spots, scabs, or acne.

Exfoliate your skin at least once a week with your choice of scrub to eliminate any damaged skin cells.  


Products You Can Use:

Natural skincare products provide an array of natural ingredients for preventing dark spots or hyperpigmentation. And such products are brought to you by Skinsntial.


Liquid Black Soap Facial Cleanser

Effectively cleanses, heals, and repairs dark spots and acne, brightening up your skin.

Skinsntial Whipped Body Butter

With the range of light, airy body butter, gives your skin a potent defense against environmental stressors and hyperpigmentation.

Body Butter - Spiced Bergamot

Body Butter - Amber Wood

Body Butter - Brown Sugar + Fig

Body Butter - Vanilla Mint


Use this wide range of Skinsntial Products to get rid of dark spots. But do remember that you have to be patient to get rid of dark spots. Apply these products routinely, enhanced with sunscreen. And you will get dramatic results, leaving your skin brighter and glowing.

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