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How to use a Derma roller to fill patches in your beard?

How to use a Derma roller to fill patches in your beard?

How to Use a Dermaroller to Fill Patches in your Beard?

"Having a patchy beard isn't the end of the world!" 

Facial hair that is limp and lifeless is depressing. You want a beard that attracts attention and makes people look twice when they see you in the mirror.

Spend no time attempting to coax the magic from uneven and damaged hair growth. Get a tool that will help you grow a thick, handsome beard with no split ends.

A derma roller for beard development will help you step up your game. These rollers have become increasingly popular due to their positive effects on blood flow and collagen production.

If your patchy beard makes you feel insecure, give this blog a read and keep on Growing.

What is a Dermaroller? 

With Dermarollers, hair follicles grow faster due to the micro-needling technique, making your beard denser and more even.

By pricking the skin, this technique tries to boost the supply of collagen beneath the surface. 

By entering your skin at a specific level (the epidermis), your brain is fooled into thinking that a skin region is wounded and fills that area with collagen to heal the injury.

The pace of growth of your beard is accelerated due to an increase in blood flow and collagen.

Benefits of Using Dermaroller for Your Beard

The following are some of the benefits of utilizing a derma roller on your beard:

  • The collagen production will be increased.
  •  The area's blood circulation has improved.
  •  Inflammation and irritation in the area are reduced.
  •  Encourages the growth of beard hair.
  •  Infection risk is reduced to a minimum.

How to Use a Derma Roller?

We recommend rolling 10 times in each direction as a general rule. When rolling over your skin, don't apply too much pressure to avoid sore discomfort. 

Maintain a medium pressure, which is neither too hard nor too gentle. Roll your neck area 10 times crosswise, left, right, and down. 

Note: Lift the roller instead of turning it in a new direction when rolling. Twisting your skin will harm it and may cause an infection.

Because of the increased blood flow to those specific dead skin cells, your skin will appear red when the needling procedure is completed. Allow 5-10 minutes for your skin to settle, and everything should be back to normal.

Also, avoid using the derma roller on dirty skin. If you experience any pain or discomfort during the micro-needling procedure, stop immediately.


Risks Of Using Derma Roller

Using a derma roller on your beard comes with a few hazards. These are some of them:

  • Infection Risk
  • The needles puncture the skin; there is a higher chance of infection. It's critical to make sure your derma roller is clean and hygienic before using it.

  • Scarring Risk
  • You could leave scars on your face if you don't take precautions. Read the directions attentively and use the derma roller for a few seconds on the desired area.

  • Increased Sensitivity
  • The skin on your face is already sensitive, or if there's a lack of blood flow, using a derma roller can irritate it even more.


    The beard roller is a simple and inexpensive way to stimulate beard growth at home without spending a lot of money at the male grooming parlor or visiting a skin care specialist.

    Increased blood flow, keratin production, and collagen production are the effects of this treatment. It takes time for microneedling to work, but when used regularly, it can be one of the most effective methods for promoting hair growth.

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